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The Fairy Door©

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Here is what some people have had to say about, The Tooth Fairy Kit:

"Such a cute idea of kids that are tooth-losing age. Thank you for the great book and cool door. This would have been so amazing when I was a kid." - Melissa Joan Hart 

​"The Tooth Fairy Kit is ADORABLE!! The book is so clever and really does a great job of explaining why some kids get different gifts than others. And the little door - oh the little door is so sweet!" - Gale F. (California)

"Thank you for making this rite of passage magical and memorable!" - Erin P. (Colorado)

"Thank you for creating this magical gift! I'm sharing with all my mom's group friends, what a wonderful idea!" _"What a brilliant idea and a wonderful story. Love the door. It brings the magic from being just a story into reality right in my own home." - Jennifer H. (New York)

The perfect way to enhance the magic in your home is with your very own Fairy Dust! Fairy Dust comes in a variety in colors to match your Fairy Door.

Enhance the excitement on the morning your child loses their first tooth with their own note from their Tooth Fairy! Each kit comes with 2 notes for your child. If you would like personalized notes or extras please contact us today to place a special order!

The Tooth Fairy Kit is a magical gift for children, straight from Fairy Village. It contains a copy of our book, "The Tooth Fairy Story" by Lisa Gordon, as well your very own Fairy Door in your choice of six colors!

Magical Extras

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Fairy Dust

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Disclaimer: Magical Beginnings LLC is not responsible for any damage walls or other surfaces caused by adhering the Tooth Fair Door. It is the responsibility of the buyer to take caution when attaching the door to any surface in their home.

The Tooth Fairy Story©

Have you ever wondered about the Tooth Fairy? Who is she? How does she get in and out of your home? And what does she do with the teeth? 
Look inside Fairy Village and learn about all the special fairies that live there. Peak inside the Tooth Division, and then join Annabelle a very special Tooth Fairy on her first night with the family she was assigned to.

Tooth Fairy Notes

Inside your Tooth Fairy Kit you will find: 

The Tooth Fairy Kit©

The Tooth Fairy Door is the portal between Fairy Village and the human world. 

Place the door in the spot of your choosing, a book shelf, along a baseboard, wherever you'd like. Then once it is installed the fairies can come and give it the magic to create the portal so your child's Tooth Fairy may come visit them whenever they lose a tooth! 

Each kit comes with a postcard for your child to explain the door. The grown-up instructions and notes will be tucked discretely in an envelope to help avoid little eyes seeing them early.