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About the Author

Lisa Gordon

Lisa was born and raised in the Almaden Valley in Northern California. She is an only child and spent many hours growing up reading and writing stories. Lisa's passion for writing only grew as she got older. Lisa and her husband Paul live in Colorado with their two children. Their boys are Lisa's continued inspiration for her stories.

When their oldest son was getting ready to lose his first tooth he was full of questions about the Tooth Fairy. To help answer his questions, Lisa wrote The Tooth Fairy Story, the first in the Fairy Village Series. The morning after her son lost his first tooth he found a special golden coin and a note that pointed him to the tooth fairy door.

Seeing the excitement in his eyes, Lisa knew she had to share this story. As she added to Annabelle's story and details of Fairy Village it became clear to all very quickly that this was not just one book, but a whole series for children of the world.

Lisa is also a certified Fairyologist after completing her training with Doreen Virtue in 2016. She plans to bring this new knowledge to continue to expand the book series.