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How soon will my order arrive?

All orders within the US are sent via USPS Priority 2 Day Shipping. Items in stock will be fulfilled and shipped within 24 hours and a confirmation e-mail with tracking information will be sent to the customer. (Only available when purchased through our website, if you order through Amazon or other distributors we are not responsible for fulfillment and shipping times or cost).

Can I get it sooner?

Expedited shipping is available upon request. Please e-mail us at: orders@fairyvillagebooks.com with the subject line: "Expedited Shipping to inquire about rates. 

Can it be shipped internationally?

Yes, international shipping is available. Orders will ship out via UPS or FedEx. Please e-mail us at: orders@fairyvillagebooks.com with the subject line: "International Orders" to inquire about rates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tooth Fairy Kit:

What is the suggested age range for The Tooth Fairy Kit?

We recommend The Tooth Fairy Kit for ages 2-10 years old. While kids typically begin losing teeth around age 5 or 6, the book can be enjoyed starting around age two to build excitement and anticipation for the big event. 

Where do I put the door?

We suggest putting the door either in a hallway or bedroom depending on your preference. It can be adhered straight to the wall or also on a bookcase/bookshelf. It is completely up to the homeowners. 

How do I stick the door to the wall?

The Tooth Fairy Door is designed to be permanently adhered to a wall or other surface in the home to help keep the magic alive for the children. We recommend using a strong glue if it is in an area where the child will have access to it. For a more "removable" approach we recommend using a product such as Command Strips from 3M. 

How do I keep my child from trying to open the door?

We always tell children that once a parent puts the fairy door on the wall and everyone goes to sleep that night, that the fairies can then come in and "install the magic." This creates the portal from Fairy Village to your home. We tell them that they can gently touch the door but if they try to open it and it rips off the wall that the portal can be closed forever so to be very careful not to do that. 

My child has already lost a few teeth, how can I introduce the door? 

It's never too late to bring more magic into your child's life with the Tooth Fairy Kit! By placing the door in a non-obvious spot you can make it appear as though it may have been there all along. In the book, it asks your child if they have ever found their fairy's door. This is a great prompt for you to go and look together. 

Who typically buys this product?

The beauty of the Tooth Fairy Kit is it is a magical gift that can be given by anyone. A parent, a grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, etc. We have had customers who buy these as baby gifts, birthday gifts, holidays and more. 

What if my child sees the box?

We include a post card meant to be seen by a child right inside the kit to help preserve the magic. It tells the child about the door and how the parents need to place the door on the wall and that that night the fairies will come to install the magic. The instructions "for the grownups" as well as the notes are tucked discretely under the door. 

I can't find the Tooth Fairy Notes.

If you have upgraded your kit with Magical Extras such as notes from the fairy please note these are well hidden in your kit. To protect the magic in case a child sees the kit we have placed the notes inside an envelope underneath and insert called "For the Grownups" located underneath the Tooth Fairy Door.